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Quality Inspection

Quality inspection on product cosmetic when packing them into bags, to prevent failed units being shipped to end customer's hand.

How We QC Your Products

Before we start to pack the product into the bag, we check cosmetic of the products. Those with obvious contamination, damage or erosion will be held off, and then be shown to customers for their advice. If they give us green light to continue shipping of these "failed" units, we will do it immediately. If not, we will return them back to customer's supplier for swap.

Benefits of Our QC Procedure

• Hold off cosmetic failed units before they're shipped out of China. 

• Reduce end-use customers RMA returning rate. 

• Reflect product issues to customer by pictures or videos, so that they have a beter idea of product condition, and then take further action for quality improvement.

• Reflect quality issues back to customer's supplier, for the supplier taking correction action for next manufacturing.



SPNS packing staff implements quality check on customers products. Any packaging with serious damage, contamination or erosion will be held off.

And we take pictures of the failed units and report to customers, waiting for customers further advice before we've shipped it out.



If without quality inspection, some bad units will be shipped directly to the buyer or backers which will cause bad reviews on customer's store as well as company reputation.

Product with serious quality issue, including missing or broken parts or large foreign mats, will not be shipped out before we've received customers advice.