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Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack

We offer order fulfillment service, including picking up prducts from your supplier and pack them into bags or cartons, and label them.

See How SPNS Picks and Packs Your Product

Pick and pack is one of the most important part of order fulfillment. Poor pick & pack operation messes up inventory and even damage customers' products if with improper picking or packaging. SPNS aims at offer customers the most professional pick and pack service, by keeping your inventory 100% correct and well protect your products from being damaged or contaminated.


Your buyers or backers will definitely not accept products with obvious contaminaion or damage. If the product or packaging is broken, they will refuse to accept and issue a refund on your store, and then leave bad reviews which may even kill your business!!

SPNS pick and pack staff put on white gloves to pack any of your products, so no stains, finger prints or contamination leave on your product or packaging box. Static-proof packaging station prevents electronics from getting static in packaging process.




For fragile products, we wrap it with bubble sheet to have it securely and completely packed, and then put into the bubble bag for a second protection. 

Poor packaging may cause the product being broken or damaged in process of international shipping. SPNS packaging team aims at offering solid and secure packaging ensuring customer to receive intact product.