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New e-commerce sellers keep asking why they need an order fulfillment center to manage their stock and ship parcels for them. It is a high developing market of fierce competition. If you're slower and more expensive than your competitors, you will lose competition edge followed by the dramatically decreasing sales on your store. Order fulfillment in China is giving you faster stock movement, lower shipping rate and better quality control which increases your sales a lot. 



All products will be shipped directly from China to your end buyers. You don't need to import them to your country and ship again. Save you 7 to 30 days on shipping.

Over 40 different shipping channels are available, including Express, Directly Line (Special Line) and Post, meeting your balance between budget plan and delivery time. Express is as fast as 3-5 days from China to your destination. Direct Line Small Parcel shipping is 7-10 days with full tracking available.



SPNS provides you with a multiple shipping solutions upon different products and different consignee address, at a low cost, to ship all your products from China to your customer directly. If you need the lowest shipping rate smaller than US$3, then China Flat Post is advised.

If you expect your orders to be delivered within 1-2 weeks and customers and your backers or customers could track complete shipping status, then Direct Line is advised due to the fast shipping and reasonable rate.

If you're not sure which shipping channel you should use, please consult SPNS service team for free advice.



A free QC check on product cosmetics and packaging before shipping is implemented before they're packed into bags. Serious damage, erossion or contanimation will be held off by SPNS packaging team, and then reported back to customers and the suppliers

Customers and suppliers will investigate the issue and come to a corrective action to prevent similar issues coming up again. SPNS will returned failed units back to your supplier for them to exchange good ones.
Free QC service by SPNS is efficiently preventing bad products being shipped to your customers or backers.



SPNS order fulfillment service makes e-commere so easy. You can leave the tedious warehousing and shipping work to us and focus on your own business.  

Faster delivery, cheaper shipping rate and ensured product quality are bringing more and more sales to your business.