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1. Why do I need to send my products to you? 

SPNS Logistics is a professional order fulfillment center in China for years. We aim to manage customers’ stock in a correct manner and ship to global customers at a low rate. We’re able to help customers select the most affordable and suitable shipping channels at low shipping cost and fast delivery. Customers can stock products in our warehouse as longer as they need and ship them out as long as they’ve had orders. Partnering with SPNS Logistics will have you leave the tedious warehousing and logistics chores to us and focus on your core business. Scientific control on shipping cost, parcel’ fast delivery, and an increasing customers’ satisfaction level will return you with many more sales and orders.
2. How much do you charge for storing our products in your warehouse?

We offer 2-month free warehousing without charging any of your money. As long as your orders are constantly fulfilled starting from the 3rd month, no more warehousing fee will be charged.
3. Is there a smallest order quantity?

No limit on order quality. All big business grows from small ones. We would like to support your business even only one parcel need to be fulfilled.

4. Is there a picking up fee?  

Usually your Chinese supplier will send your products to our Shenzhen warehouse with shipping freight paid on their side. There will be extra cargo transportation fee if you need us to pick up from your supplier’s location.

5. What is your typical time from order to dispatch?

1-2 business days (usually same day as long as your order info is received by 10:00 AM).  We open from Monday to Saturday. For your urgent orders on Sunday, we take extra shifts on Sunday and ship it out early Monday.

6. How do you keep my items safe?

Gasoline or flammable products are not accepted in our warehouse. We have fire extinguishers available and 24 hours cameras monitoring on all your products. The warehouse is located inside a large industrial zone with 24 hours security from the gate guards. All your items are 100% safely secured.
7. What would be the delivery time and cost?
We have over 40 different optional shipping channels at different rate and delivery time. For example, International Express (DHL, Fedex, UPS, EMS), EU Directly Line, NLPost, E-packet or China Post can all be used to ship parcels from China to European countries. You need to choose the proper shipping company based on your finance budget and expected delivery time.
8. Have you provided services for Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaigns before?
Sure! We're engaged to offer order fulfillment service to crowdfunders and e-commerce business. Apart from Indiegogo or Kickstarter, a wide range of customers from Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, BigCommerce, WooCommerce are using our services.
9. Could you help with communication between me against my supplier?

Definitely yes! Our sales representatives are very fluent in English and Mandarin. I believe a correct and proper communication over culture barriers will better maintain the relationship between you and the supplier.