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E-Commerce & Crowdfunding Order fulfillment and Warehousing Center in China


Help Customers Concentrate on Core Business

SPNS Logistics is a China-based order fulfillment center with an international reach. We focus on warehousing, order fulfillment, QC, pick & pack service for Omni-Channel seller, cross border ecommerce sellers, Groupon Seller, Crowdfunding creators etc. SPNS provides a unique advantage to companies whose products are manufactured in China and are shipped to customers any countries in the world. Our custom logistics solutions will streamline your supply chain management function without sacrificing time, money or quality.

​​​​​​We provide services including warehousing (stocking), pick and pack, product QC, order fulfillment, packaging, labeling, shipping, and transportation management. Whether you ship as few as 50 orders a month, or as many as 50,000, you can be confident that your orders will be turned around quickly, safely and accurately at a lower cost.
Our aim is to be transparent keeping inventory management and order fulfillment costs variable and affordable. We intend giving our clients peace of mind to allow them to concentrate on their core business.

Our objective is to continually offer benefits of a 3PL company to our customers in a cost effective way.  Some of these benefits include:


•  Cost savings with orders being processed in China due to the cheap labor
•  Cheap warehousing (FREE for first two months)
•  More than 40 available shipping solutions (door to door service)
•  QC inspection for product cosmetic (Sampling inspection-Free)
•  Fast operation-orders will be fulfilled in the same day or within 2 business day.
•  Experienced support Team
•  No hidden fee


Over 40 Different Shipping Channels

Fedex, DHL and UPS are the fastest international shipping channels but also most expensive. E-commerce or crownfunders tend to use a cheaper shipping method to save their buyers or backers shipping freight, though delivery time is a little bit slower. Direct line (or named Special Line) is a more proper channel being used to ship parcels from China to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore and a few other countries, due to the low cost and full-track service. If you have tight budget on shipping freight, you can choose Post or Flat Post to save money. SPNS Logistics are offering over 40 different shipping channels for customers to choose the most proper one. 


One Stop Order Fulfillment Center

Owners of Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon, Magento or other e-commerce platforms are looking for an an order fulfillment center in China to ship their products from China directly to their customers worldwide. The direct injection is saving them over 50% shipping freight than being transferred from their local countries, and shorten delivery time as many as 30 days! This is why more and more e-commerce companies or individuals are using SPNS as their private order fulfillment partner in China.

Crowdfunding Campaigns
Crowdfunding project creators need to reply on a China order fulfillment center to store their products in the warehouse in a secure warehouse, and ship to backers from over 70 or 200 countries all over the world. SPNS's efficient pick & pack processing, multiple shipping channels and professional post-sales service are helping hundreds of crowdfunders to save shipping freight with a guaranteed delivery date.


Direct Injection E-Commerce Supply Chain

Direct Injection shipping is much different from traditional international flow. Traditional e-commerce sellers buy bulk orders from China and then ship by ocean to their own country. The products will flow on the sea for 30 days. Upon bulk products are received in their location, they will need to use local forwarder to ship them to global customers worldwide by ground transportation or by air. Total delivery time is as long as 35-40 days. Long-distance shipping is a huge harm to product quality, especially  for electronics or chips of weak functional stability.

SPNS Direct Injection is quite cost and time saving as all bulk orders are shipped directly from China to your global customers. Your products are safely secured in our warehouse with 24-hour guards' watch. As long as you have orders, SPNS will ship them out to end customers door-to-door in 24 hours. The turnaround time is as short as 3-16 days only and 50% shipping freight is saved.